Detoxication and intestine decontamination

In the past centuries, western medicine has tackled the task of treating the symptoms of diseases while completely forgetting to search for their causes. We have increasingly disassociated ourselves from the awareness of an inner equilibrium, found in organisms with a well-balanced milieu.
One of the principles of natural healing indicates that the acid-base state and the intestinal flora are two important pillars of health. People with a disturbed acid-base balance and unwanted bacterial strains populating their intestines usually exhibit a great number of energetic deficits when tested with the bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt®. By taking suitable food supplements, these energetic deficits can be banned, in other words, the balance between acids and bases and a stable intestinal flora can be restored.

Rayobase is an alkaline preparation containing a wellbalanced combination of pulverised alkaline minerals. Minerals are vital compounds. Their main task is to detoxify by binding surplus acids and neutralising them. Besides the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium, Rayobase contains the trace element zinc and also silica, two fundamental compounds for maintaining the equilibrium between acids and alkalis.

For people who are strongly hyperacidic, deacidification with Rayosole is often no longer sufficient. This observation prompted the development of a new alkaline bath additive. Based on experiences with Rayosole and in collaboration with Andrea Hofmann, herself an expert in basic bathing, we developed Rayosole®plus, a new alkaline bath additive. Rayosole®plus is optimalin aspects that go beyond its effects. Its energetic pattern, ecological properties and dosage have also been optimised.

The essential trace elements and vitamins in Rayovita maintain important functions of the metabolism. They boost defence and detoxifying mechanisms and play an important role in neutralising and excreting acids. Rayovita is composed of pure vegetable dietary fibres (pre-biotics), which boost the growth of the bacteria in Rayoflora, and antioxidants to trap aggressive oxygen particles.

Rayoflora contains a well-balanced combination of probiotic micro organisms (probiotics) and pure vegetable dietary fibre (pre-biotics). The 11 stable bacterial cultures in Rayoflora have a positive influence on the equilibrium of our intestinal flora. Rayoflora includes roughage to boost bacterial growth. The well-balanced mixture of pre-biotics and probiotics in Rayoflora promotes the build-up of a stable intestinal flora. A wellstructured intestinal flora minimises the generation of acids in the intestines, it is important for a healthy digestion and strengthens the immune system.

Rayonex Vital Substances Treatment Cure parcel for one month contains a combination of Rayobase,Rayosole®plus, Rayovita and Rayoflora.

Next to neutralisaton the detoxication is an essential basis for a sucessful therapy. With the product AethsynaPhyto ECM we offer a herbal preparation for purification and regeneration of the Extra-Cellular-Matrix.

Rayonex vital substances treatment cure

Cure parcel for one month

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