Location-Bound Influences

Location-bound disturbances often have a long-term influence on our organisms. For example, if our sleeping place is subject to high electric, magnetic or pulsed fields, these can disturb us throughout our sleep, a period which can take up almost a third of our life span, after all. Humans have no senses to detect these disturbances. We can neither, smell, taste, hear, feel nor see a phenomenon like electro-magnetic pollution, for instance, therefore we have no means of protection against it, we cannot run away or avoid it. The same goes for geological disturbance zones. The tree you can see in the picture is a good example, it is growing on a spot troubled by great geopathic disturbance. This sharpens our awareness for the importance of reducing location-bound influences in the long run for the sake of our own health.

Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt is applicable for all purposes of diagnosis as well as therapy and very useful for evaluating the influences of location-bound burdens. This is important, because whenever a burden is affecting the organism for a certain period of time, typical disturbed frequency spectra appear in the body. If a disturbance of the corresponding frequency value is diagnosed, the therapist can see immediately that the patient is suffering from electro-magnetic pollution or from the influence of some kind of geological disturbance zone, for instance. This alone is beneficial because now the patient can receive advice on how to reduce the specific burden.

But Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt has much more to offer for reducing these interferences. Therefore it made perfect sense to design instruments for harmonising the burdened frequency spectra of the organism to prevent disturbances from becoming manifest. So now the therapist, construction biologist or private user can rely on devices specifically designed to protat against electro-magnetic pollution and geopathic disturbance zones device which have been helpful for decades and have proven their value many thousands of times.

And best of all: Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt is able to prove the efficiency of these devices – by showing the disturbance reduction of the frequency spectra in our organism.

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